Game Panel Hosting

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Our Game Panel Hosting (previously Minecraft for Networks) is our unique solution to a specific demand; a managed Virtual Server (VPS) where you can focus on your game servers; we handle everything on the backend and you manage your service via a intuitive control panel. You are provided Administrator access meaning you can allocate your purchased resources as you wish. With support for game servers such as Minecraft or Rust; applications like Discord Bot Hosting and Voice Services.

Game Panel Hosting

Starting at
£14.49/month. (GBP)

2-4x vCore (3.00GHz+)

8192MB-20480MB DDR4 ECC Memory

25-100GB Storage (NVMe)

200mbp/s Port Speed

Unmetered Bandwidth

Anti-DDoS Protection

Pterodactyl Control Panel

Automated Backups

Service Monitoring

Multiple Locations

Resource Allocation Management

Game Panel Hosting Features.

There are many reasons and features which is why you should consider our Game Panel Hosting, take a look.

Enterprise Processors

Our hostsystems primarily use the Intel Xeon E5-1660 v3/E5-1650 v4 processors. In Singapore, we make use of the Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6 processor on smaller capacity machines.

NVMe Solid State Drives

Our hostsystems make use of PCIe NVMe Solid State Drives from either Samsung or Intel to deliver unrivalled performance and reliability; designed for heavy workloads in an enterprise environment.

DDR4 ECC Memory

Our hostsystems throughout make use of DDR4 ECC Memory running at a minimum of 2133mhz; all our modules are Samsung made designed for a wide range of applications with low power requirements.

Anti-DDoS Protection

All our Game Panel Hosting services are protected by Anti-DDoS protection systems which are rated to withstand up to 480gbp/s attacks at any given time to ensure your server is available when you need it.

Service Monitoring

All Game Panel Hosting services are individually monitored around the clock by our monitoring systems to ensure uptime; if they're ever found to be offline, our system administrators are alerted automatically.

Automated Backups

All our Game Panel Hosting plans have automated backups included absolutely free of charge for peace of mind which can be managed on-demand, restored to if necessary whenever required.

Pterodactyl Control Panel

All our Game Panel Hosting services are managed by the Pterodactyl Control Panel enabling on demand game server, file and database management delivered with an intuitive interface.

Instant Upgrades

All of our Game Panel Hosting plans can be upgraded on-demand, instantly meaning no delays if you need extra resources unexpectedly; you also only pay the difference between the plans for that billing cycle.

Managed Server

Our Game Panel Hosting is a managed service meaning you will not interact with Linux backend; it's all managed by our experienced system administrators so keep focused on your game servers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We all have questions to ask whilst considering a new purchase, see some of the frequently asked queries to possibly answer yours.

What hardware do we use?

All of our hostsystems make use of enterprise-grade hardware for reliability and stability. Looking for the the indepth specifications? Not a problem, take a look by clicking here.

Do you offer automated backups?

Of course, all of our Game Panel Hosting plans include three automatic backups taken daily for peace of mind which can be restored to on demand via our Virtual Servers control panel.

What games/applications are supported?

Our Game Panel Hosting make use of the Pterodactyl control panel which implements Docker so a wide range of applications are available; take a look by clicking here at the list of officially supported applications.

Can services be upgraded?

Of course, all our services can be upgraded where an upgraded plan is available; if there isn't one, contact us and we may be able to arrange a custom solution.

Our Global Locations.

We currently serve our customers from five countries, covering three continents with many links to local providers for the lowest latency possible.

Gravelines, France

Approximate latency: ...

Montreal, Canada

Approximate latency: ...

Oregon, United States

Approximate latency: ...

Singapore, Singapore

Approximate latency: ...

London, United Kingdom

Approximate latency: ...