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What is the Minecraft for Networks product line?

When you are looking for how to host your new network and expect a significant quanity of players online; the last issue you want is lag. Therefore, shared hosted may just not be up to the standards for your network. No problem, we have the solution; presenting Minecraft for Networks! It provides all the good bits of shared hosting like a panel, without sharing the precious resources between other Minecraft Servers which your network requires to keep running efficently without issues. Furthermore, it requires no system administration knowledge as the backend is managed by us to ensure you can focus on the important aspect - your network. Why don't you try this product out for yourself or contact us for further information regarding this product?

Product Features

What makes Minecraft for Networks what it is?

Unshared Resources

We ensure that you do not share resources with any other customers (excluding those on the same virtualization host system).

High Quality Hardware

We ensure we operate the best server compoents we can to ensure our servers do not slow you down when working.

DDoS Protected

We operate all our servers behind strong DDoS protection systems to ensure high availability and reliability of servers in use.

Quality Support

We aim to provide responsive, high quality support to ensure you can utilise your service to best possible means.

High Speed Uplinks

We aim to offer a reliable, fast and secure network infastructure with connections to various locations world wide.

Powerful Control Panels

We ensure that you have root access to the control panel of your choice, we also ensure all options available are feature rich.

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